Marian Tobias Wirth Funeral

Hello friends and family of Marian. A short note from Andrew Hammel.

Marian was commemorated in a ceremony at the Church of St. Joseph in Solingen on 22 March 2023. Father Meinrad Funke presided, and read passages from Isaiah: 25 about how the departed will feast with the King. About 45 people attended, including Marian’s family, his colleagues, and people who knew him from the Uni Düsseldorf. There were also people who had met Marian online and could make the trip on short notice. Some of them had never even met him in person, but made the effort anyway. There were, of course, many more people who wanted to come but couldn’t arrange the trip. I gave a short memorial address. I’ll post it later.

The music was provided by the „Bergisches Echo“, a harmonica-and-accordion band to which Marian’s father belongs. There were about 15 members, mainly near Josef’s age (late 70s). They played German hymns and folk-songs. Father Funke then gave a short address in which he noted Marian’s interest in other religions, especially Judaism and Islam. I had mentioned Twitter in my speech, and Father Funke took up the reference, suggesting that the brief, poignant memories we have of people who have recently died come like Twitter messages. Father Funke then recited the funeral service and sprinkled Marian’s coffin with holy water. Six elderly pallbearers carried Marian’s coffin out of the church. The church organist played „Ave Maria“ by the Austrian composer Franz Biebl.

Afterward we all walked down a short passage and into the hilly cemetery adjoining the church.  Then we met at a small chapel. Marian’s coffin got another dose of holy water. Then the pallbearers placed Marian’s coffin on a sort of low rolling platform. This was a good idea, because we walked over several gentle hills to reach Marian’s grave. The pallbearers then then lowered Marian’s coffin by thick rope into a deep grave. After they lowered the coffin, the pallbearers removed their white gloves and dropped them into the grave. They bowed solemnly and left.

Father Funke read an Islamic prayer and the Kaddish over Marian’s grave. Then he sprinkled more holy water on Marian’s coffin. It was then time for the mourners. There was a small wooden bucket of soil next to the grave with a small shovel inside. First Marian’s family, then the other mourners scattered a pailful of earth on Marian’s coffin. Afterward we all gathered in the parish hall for coffee, tea, biscuits, vegetarian leek soup (Marian’s father and uncle are vegetarians), and goulash. People who had never met each other came together. Marian’s school and university friends met members of his Twitter bubble. Marian’s family met people who knew Marian mostly — or only online. Everyone got along famously. Many people learned many new things about Marian.

Marian left us too soon, but he will be remembered. I’ll establish a memorial for Marian here online, his favorite place. In the meantime, please consider sending mementos, photos, and reminiscences to

Below are the original funeral announcements for Marian., in German and English.

[Auch auf Deutsch — siehe unten]

Welcome to a temporary website containing information on the funeral arrangements for Marian Tobias Wirth. Marian passed away suddenly on Friday, March 10, 2023. This website is maintained by Andrew Hammel, a friend of Marian’s. I am happy to answer any questions you may have at the email address mtwremembered{at symbol} gmail {dot} com. Please also feel free to share reminiscences and memories and photos at that address, I will make sure they reach Marian’s family.

Contact to Marian’s Family

Marian’s father’s name is Josef Wirth. He is a retired teacher who lives in Solingen. If you would like to send him a card or letter or other token of remembrance, his address is:

Josef Wirth, Benrather Str. 23, 42697 Solingen, Germany

His email is jwirth {symbol} gmx {dot} net. He finds great comfort in the fact that Marian had such a wide circle of friends online and is eager to hear from anyone who wishes to share their recollections, whether in English or German.

Funeral Service: Where and when

The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, 22 March 2023, at 10:00 AM at the St. Joseph’s Church (Kirche St. Joseph), Hackhauser Str. 4, 42697, Solingen, Germany. I believe messages can be sent directly to the church, but it would make sense to clearly label them as intended for Marian’s funeral service, including date and time. After the service, guests will proceed to the church’s cemetery, which is a short walk away. After the burial, there will be a reception at the parish hall (Pfarrheim). All destinations are within easy walking distance of each other.


Hotels in Solingen generally cost between €50 and €100 per night. A list can be found here. Some nearby and affordable hotels include Hotel Kempe, Ohligs, Hotel Appartement, Ohligs, and FeWo (vacation apartments) Kerstin Rossbach, Ohligs.

Directions and Parking

The St. Joseph’s Church is only a 6-minute walk from the Solingen Central Train Station (Solingen HBF, Hauptbahnhof):

Directions can be downloaded here. Parking is very limited since this is a concentrated city area, but there may be some parking near the cemetery along on the Ammerweg:

Tributes and Memorials

Flowers can be arranged by calling the flower shop Blumen Risse, Düsseldorfer Str. 12, 42697 Solingen, phone +49 0212 74047. Another option is H. Kierdorf ▷ Blumen, Pflanzen Einzelhandel in Solingen Ohligs.

Please note that staff may speak no or limited English.

Marian was not particularly interested in floral arrangements or tributes, so you may wish to make a donation in his name to an organization you knew he supported. A few suggestions are:

Sanktionsfrei — an organization which provides advice and legal assistance to people receiving welfare and disability benefits.

IBAN: DE53430609671181458700

Nabu Deutschland — The German Nature Conservation Association.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln
IBAN: DE65 3702 0500 0008 0518 05

Magen David Atom — Marian visited Israel five times and always felt a special connection to the country and a special interest in the Jewish faith. Magen David Atom is the Israeli branch of the Red Cross and provides emergency and disaster relief services worldwide. Other possibilities can be found here.

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (English-language website): This organization is a German charity which provides disaster relief and assistance worldwide and assists needy persons in Germany. Marian was a member.

If you have any questions or need more information, I will do my best to help, just send me an email at mtwremembered{at symbol} gmail {dot} com. I am also on Twitter as @AndrewHammel1 and have a professional website here.

Infos auf Deutsch

Willkommen auf einer vorläufigen Website mit Informationen über die Bestattungsvorsorge für Marian Tobias Wirth. Marian ist am Freitag, den 10. März 2023, plötzlich verstorben. Diese Website wird von Andrew Hammel, einem Freund von Marian, betreut. Bei Fragen stehe ich euch gerne unter der E-Mail-Adresse mtwremembered{at symbol} gmail {dot} com zur Verfügung. Bitte teilt mir unter dieser Adresse auch eure Erinnerungen und Fotos mit. Ich werde dafür sorgen, dass sie Marians Familie erreichen.

Kontakt zur Familie Wirth

Marians Vater ist Josef Wirth. Er ist pensionierter Lehrer und lebt in Solingen. Wenn ihr ihm eine Karte, einen Brief oder ein anderes Andenken schicken möchtet, lautet seine Adresse:

Josef Wirth, Benrather Str. 23, 42697 Solingen, Deutschland

Seine E-Mail ist jwirth {symbol} gmx {dot} net. Herr Wirth und die Familie findet es sehr tröstlich, dass Marian einen so großen Online-Freundeskreis hatte, und freuen sich über jede Erinnerung an Marian.

Trauerfeier: Wo und wann

Die Trauerfeier findet am Mittwoch, dem 22. März 2023, um 10.00 Uhr in der Kirche St. Joseph, Hackhauser Str., statt. 4, 42697, Solingen, Deutschland. Nachrichten können direkt an die Kirche geschickt werden, aber es wäre sinnvoll, sie eindeutig als für die Trauerfeier von Marian bestimmt zu kennzeichnen, einschließlich Datum und Uhrzeit. Nach dem Trauerfeier gehen die Gäste zu Fuß zum Friedhof der Kirche St. Joseph. Nach der Beerdigung findet ein Empfang im Pfarrheim statt. Alles ist leicht zu Fuß zu erreichen.


Hotels in Solingen kosten in der Regel zwischen 50 € und 100 € pro Nacht. Eine Liste finden Sie hier. Gute Optionen vom Preis und Lage her sind: Hotel Kempe, Ohligs, Hotel Appartement, Ohligs, FeWo Kerstin Rossbach, Ohligs.

Anfahrt und Parkmöglichkeiten

Die Kirche St. Joseph ist nur 6 Gehminuten vom Solinger Hauptbahnhof entfernt (siehe Abbildung oben).

Eine Wegbeschreibung kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Die Parkmöglichkeiten sind sehr begrenzt, es gibt aber einige Parkplätze in der Nähe des Friedhofs am Ammerweg werden (siehe Abbildung oben:

Ehrungen und Mitteilungen

Blumen können telefonisch im Blumenladen Blumen Risse, Düsseldorfer Str., bestellt werden. 12, 42697 Solingen, Telefon +49 0212 74047. Eine weitere Möglichkeit: H. Kierdorf ▷ Blumen, Pflanzen Einzelhandel in Solingen Ohligs.

Marian war nicht unbedingt ein Freund von Blumenarrangements (aber auch kein Gegner). Falls ihr in seinem Namen eine Spende an eine Organisation tätigen möchtet, hier ein paar Vorschläge:

Sanktionsfrei – eine Organisation, die Sozialhilfe- und Behindertenhilfeempfängern Beratung und Rechtsbeistand bietet.

IBAN: DE53430609671181458700

Nabu Deutschland – Der Naturschutzbund Deutschland.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln
IBAN: DE65 3702 0500 0008 0518 05

Magen David Atom – Marian besuchte Israel fünfmal und fühlte sich dem Land immer besonders verbunden und hatte ein besonderes Interesse am jüdischen Glauben. Magen David Atom ist der israelische Partnerorganisation des Roten Kreuzes und leistet weltweit Not- und Katastrophenhilfe. Weitere Möglichkeiten finden Sie hier.

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund: Diese Organisation ist eine deutsche Wohltätigkeitsorganisation, die weltweit Katastrophenhilfe leistet und bedürftigen Menschen in Deutschland beisteht. Marian war ein Mitglied.

Wenn ihr Fragen habt oder weitere Informationen braucht, tue ich mein Bestes, um Ihnen zu helfen. Sendet mir doch eine E-Mail an mtwremembered {at symbol} gmail {dot} com. Ich bin auch auf Twitter unter @AndrewHammel1 erreichbar.